ERP Readiness Audit

Many ERP projects fail because the organisation implementing the new solution is not properly prepared. Lumenia have developed an ERP readiness audit based on our experience of over 250 ERP implementations, which will highlight any gaps and significantly improve the likelihood of project success.

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ERP Readiness One-Day Audit
Lumenia ERP Readiness One-Day Audit
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ERP Readiness One-Day Audit

Many organisations begin ERP projects without a clear understanding at senior management level of what a project will involve and with inadequate levels of due diligence around the potential ERP solution.  Not surprisingly, many of these projects fail.

Based on our experience of over 250 ERP projects, we have identified a number of Red Flags that are indicators that a project may run into difficulty. The ERP Readiness Audit determines how many of these Red Flags are present in your organisation and provides guidance on how to deal with any that do exist. It is designed to be delivered remotely or on site in a single day with minimal time commitment from your stakeholders, ideally prior to the selection of an ERP solution.

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