Vergelijk 14 toonaangevende ERP-producten op 1 event

Travel is a fundamental part of working at Lumenia Consulting. Our consultants travel to client sites to deliver advisory and delivery services. This means that our office-based footprint is small but our reach is wide. Modern collaboration technologies increasingly mean that remote working is often feasible and that client meetings may be virtual. However, on site work will always be an important element in every engagement.

We are very conscious that travel, and especially air travel, is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. As we cannot avoid it completely Lumenia decided to offset our emissions annually by investing in carbon offsetting programmes with added social benefits.

We have calculated that we have generated 99 tonnes of carbon dioxide through travel in 2018. This has been offset by investing in a portfolio of Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction carbon offsetting community projects. These include:

Climate change is probably the largest challenge facing humanity today. The UN has called it a moral, ethical and economic imperative to slow global warming. Governments must drive the big changes needed but we each must make whatever changes we can. This is Lumenia’s first step on that journey of change.

Lumenia’s carbon offsetting for 2018 was provided by Carbon Footprint.


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